DDIV Branding

say it with video

Of course, every message has to arrive. But some also have to land. To leave an unforgettable impression. Or plug an awesome idea. Or because you only have a shot if your proposal stands out from the rest. With DDIV Branding, you make films that get noticed. In bulk, and yet distinctively tailored. An audience of one, one hundred or one thousand? No matter. DDIV videos always make an impression.

Lights, camera, action

Assemble videos with ease with the user-friendly dashboard. Names, logos, images, special offers or other films: just type, click, drag and drop. When your film is complete, your recipient will be the star.

Customised for the masses

Want to make and send hundreds (of thousands) of videos? No problem. Together, we’ll determine a scene and decide what data you want to personalise: names, logos, offers, animations or films. You fill in the fields in the dashboard, and the films are rendered automatically. Super handy during a pilot, for example. When you go bulk, DDIV does the bulk of the work!