Data that speaks for itself

in super-sleek motion

Business results, personalised content, reports or analyses: serve up any data that matters. Real time, in a tailor-made video.

Interactive video

don’t surf, just click

Sit back and watch. Want to know more? No problem. The content is interactive. Open files, share data or log in to dashboards – all with a simple click. Get to that website, document or new video in seconds.

Channel you

see only what you seek

Isolate or integrate your organisation’s data any way you choose. You decide what you want to know. DDIV delivers it, in a stunning video.

From C-level to campaigns

your custom-made story

Information the MT can’t live without, or a commercial message for your customers: DDIV renders raw data into a personalised, clear and attractive video.

Understand what you already know

DDIV turns info into insight

The difference between having data and utilising it? Insight. Databases are a grab bag of information. But plucking out insights, one at a time, loses connections that matter. DDIV seeks, finds, compares and plays back. Relevant knowledge, explained simply, with stunning visualisations.


hack-free & privacy-rich

Go on. Pull up company-sensitive information. DDIV is 100% secure. What you see on the screen is for your eyes only. Unless you want to share it, of course.

« Data is useless, unless you do something with it. You might as well do something useful. And fun. Let’s be honest: would you rather look at a spreadsheet or a video?” »
Roel Bettonviel - Founder DDIV